stream education pioneer academy


As part of sa真人’s efforts to stay up to date with the most current educational research and ensure the highest quality of education, our school has embraced the STEAM Movement.  

The framework of the STEAM Movement (科学, 技术, 工程, Arts and Math) emerged from a growing concern that students were not being effectively or efficiently prepared to successfully meet the expectations of high-tech jobs of the future.  Although many organizations rely on a STEM framework, Pioneer determined that the need to include the Arts was critical because concepts in 科学, 技术, 和工程, while based in elements of Math, are interpreted through the Arts.

在先锋, we believe that the most critical aspect of education and future employment, regardless of technology level, is the ability to read and write.  因此, Pioneer has made it a priority to recognize English Language Arts as a cornerstone component of core standards and content areas.  Efficient reading with comprehension skills and effective writing skills are paramount to success in new and existing high-tech jobs and as such we have built curricula that affords each student the opportunity to read and write everyday under the guidance of certified and highly qualified ELA instructors.  除了, all teachers at Pioneer, no matter the subject area, are instructed to hold reading at the forefront of their minds and approach their duties with the idea that everyone is a teacher of reading and writing.  作为教育者, they understand the critical importance of putting our fundamental means of communication first.

The following are examples of how sa真人 implements 蒸汽教育:

  • Rigorous graduation requirements of minimum 4 years of both Math and ELA and 3 years of 科学 coursework

  • Students are encouraged to enroll in advanced courses in Math, 科学 and ELA including Honors and AP Courses

  • All AP Courses in Math, 科学 and ELA are offered on a rotating basis

  • Rigorous curriculum in Math, 科学, 技术, ELA and 美术 using proven learning standards such as Quality Core by ACT

  • Entire school curriculum developed, mapped and stored in a cloud based Atlas 课程 Mapping Software that generates standard based instructional and assessment data on an ongoing basis

  • School-wide Accelerated Reading class enables students to read on a weekly basis

  • Every student and staff member has continuous access to Wi-Fi

  • Every classroom is equipped with a Mac computer, Projector and SmartBoard

  • Every student and teacher is provided with a personal Chromebook

  • Google Apps in Education, such as Google Classroom, are an integral part of classroom teaching

  • Enrichment programs such as Robotics, 美术, 音乐 and Drama are offered both as a credit course and as an after school club

  • Students participate in Regional and State 科学 Olympiads

  • Annual school-wide 科学 Day allows students to display their research skills in 科学 和工程

  • Students compete in Regional and State First Tech Challenge (FTC) Robotics Competitions

  • Dedicated Robotics room for students to engage in learning the in-depth 工程 behind Robotics. This room is equipped with 3-D printers to teach students to build Robot parts

  • Students compete in First Lego League (FLL) Competitions

  • Students participate in American Math Contest (AMC) and Regional Math League

  • Students compete in the 国际 Genius Olympiad every summer in the fields of 科学, 音乐, Art and Creative Writing

  • Staff is encouraged and supported to attend Professional Development in STREAM fields

  • All teachers are expected to become Google Certified Educators

  • Dedicated lab for each major 科学 field: Biology Lab, Physics Lab and Chemistry Lab

  • Fully equipped Mac computer lab for student use with 24 Mac computers

  • Students are taught coding classes such as iOS App writing

  • School-wide Career Days are organized to expose students to the different professional fields in STREAM